A Liebherr wine cooler you buy at Cavepromotor.US


Nothing is as nice in life as enjoying a Liebherr wine cooler. Since some month I am the proud owner of a beautiful hjgh quality Liebher wine cooler. I found the best price and service on the internet at Cavepromotor. They guarantee the best price, have some extra´s like Vibration Reduction Blocks and a Digital Hydrometer for free and great services. As service they give you a yearly replacement filter alert for active carbon filters and they advise you with your order and after the free delivery and installation at home. You can search the whole internet, but you can´t find any competitor who delivers the same. And they proved it, while I simply ordered my Liebherr wine cooler with them. All that they write on their website is true. I couldn´t find any lower price, they deliver in time and with the services as promised and including the digital hydrometer and vibration reduction blocks. After they installed the Liebherr wine cooler, they collected the packing materials and removed them. This is what one calls service. I had one question about my Liebherr wine cooler, called them and Cavepromotor advised me exactly in the nice way and know-how as I like it. I am more than happy with Cavepromotor as my supplier for the Liebherr wine cooler and with the wine cooler itself. He looks marvelous, has 6 temperature zones and the energy consumption is very low. I am happy and satisfied with the choice I made. I really enjoy using the temperature zones. I filed up the top two with red wines, the middle two with white wines, zone number two, from the floor seen, with rose wines and the floor zone for champagnes. By the way did you know that the only area in the world with the same climate and exactly the same soil conditions as the Champagne area in France, is close to Cornwall. They are really thinking about producing sparkling wines (the name Champagne is protected) there. The red wines at the top are my specialties and the ones I really enjoy having. The temperature of that zone is 170C. I have for example some bottles of Le Pin 1993, Pomerol, and the vineyard is called after the two pine trees on it. It´s a very small vineyard producing between 400 and 600 cases. It´s currently one of the best Pomerol´s. Beside my beloved Le Pin wines, I have some bottles of Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru. Leroy is a Burgundy wine from the Côte de Nuits area. It´s the same area as some other famous names like: Musigny, Clos de Vougeot and Romanée-Saint-Vivant / Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. The last wine I stored in the top zone of my Liebherr wine cooler is Coche-Dury Les Perrieres, Meursault Premier Cru, 2011. This one is unique, it comes from the Burgundy and Coche-Dury is well known for their excellent Chardonnay white wine (the can last for years too), this is their only red Premier Cru. In the next zone, number two from the top I collect red wines for “daily” consumption. For example some Chianti wines, some bottles of Rioja and the rest are some bottles of Barolo. They are also stored with a temperature of 170C. Some people think this is a, very, bit too low. But I like and believe in the explanation of the famous French cook, Bocusse, “serve a red wine a bit too cold, the glasses are developed to put your hand around the wine to warm it, you can´t cool it in this way”. The red wines feel very well in my LIebherr wine cooler and I enjoy it.

More information: www.cavepromotor.us