A Liebherr wine fridge your best deal buy in the USA at Cavepromotor.us!


Liebherr wine fridge you best buy at Cavepromotor.us the specialist when it comes to wine fridges and cabinets. The big difference with the Liebherr makes is the number of temperature zones. A wine fridge from Liebherr has 2, 3 or 6 temperature zones. The treatment of the air and humidity is almost the same in all wine cabinets. The wine fridge in which 6 temperature zones are no fan, because it uses the koudevaltechniek. Would you still have a fan in this wine Cabinet, the koudevalproces. The fan in the other wine cabinets and wine cabinets offers the possibility to the humiditybetween 10% and 20% increase. However in the closet with the 6 temperature zones is done using lava cloves. Liebherr officially isn´t using the wordwine fridge, but because many people use this term if we do also once. Liebherr prefers wine cabinet.

How to measure
Measuring the humidity is done with a hygrometer. This is not a standard included with a wine Cabinet. In the USA there is only one supplier of wine cabinets that so provides and that is Cavepromotor. With every wine Cabinet is a digitalhygrometer included so as not to burden of fluctuations. An analog hygrometer must be calibrated what if detrimental effect that a deviation may arise. The ideal humidity is between 50% and 75%. The air humidity must not be lower, becausethe corks in wine bottles ‘ shrink ‘. This creates a gap between the glass of the bottle and the Cork closure. This offers the possibility of bacteria to the bottles. You will understand that this is the taste of the wine.

For wine is rest and important to be able to mature or to maintain the optimum condition. Wine molecules that are incontinuous movement, ensure that the wine faster elderly. This makes the wine faster to its top or will never reach the top.In a wine cellar you have a minimum of vibration. However, there are almost no homes built more with a wine cellar and we want to keep our wines yet optimal. For this Cavepromotor the so-called Vibration Reduction Blocks. The wine cabinets are placed on these blocks. Depending on the type of Liebherr wine Cabinet is a set of four or five blocks. These ensure that the ambient vibrations are reduced, so that the wines are practically silent. Installing the blocks is relatively easy if you can on all sides well with the wine Cabinet. The Cabinet comes between two other cabinets and or a wall, you will get instruction ofCave promoter how to solve it.

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