VAT compliant or compliancy?


VAT compliance, what does this mean. Maybe this is a question what comes across when you do crossborder sales to consumers. When you exceed the VAT treshold it is very important that you are VAT compliant. Depending on the country where you are selling your products you have to pay VAT local when you have exceeded the treshold. The difficulty in Europe is that al the 28 EU Member States have their own treshold. One country can have a level of 35000 Euro and another gives you the space till 100000 Euro. What to do when you realise that you are gonna reach the level of treshold… You have to apply for a local VAT number seperatly in each Member State. Where do you have to go for the Application and when you have got the number you have to fill out forms yearly, monthly or quaterly depending on the turnover you make.

Most companies see this as a complex job and because the regulations are changing al the time you have to risk of making mistakes. Mistakes that can cost you a lot money in terms of penalties. The question is, are you willing to take the risk? If not you are Lucky that you found this article because I will tell you a secret that helps you to avoid al kind of problems. You need an independent VAT specialist. Not one that can help you in one country outside of the UK, but one that can help in al the EU Member States. A partner that knows your company and your business and not direct connected to accountant. Inside this company you need one English speaking contactperson that can represent you inside the company of the VAT specialist. When you expand in another country your contactperson can inform the colleague that will handle the Application procedure and is responsable for al the paperwork.

When you are willing to sell to the EU you also need an EORI Number. Your VAT specialist can also handle this. Once you have the number there are no more difficulties with customs troughout Europe. For you it is one stop shopping when you chose the right partner. In Europe there is only one independent partner that can help you in a most efficiënt way so it saves you a lot costs and time. This partner you find in the UK at RM Boulanger UK. This company exists over more than 30 years and is very experienced.

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