When do you need Fiscal Representation?


Fiscal Representation? Since I have a company in South Africa doing most business within the EU, I was advised to setup a Fiscal Representation. My advisor told me that I could benefit with a Fiscal Representation from the facilities of the EU VAT system. Even though I have no clue of these things, I have a huge ostrich farm, it sounded interesting. And I am always in when something reduces my costs and makes business easier. The ostrich farm is close to the airport of Capetown, it´s no accident, it´s makes my export easier. Ten years ago I started the farm and decided to focus on the market in Europa. There were several reasons to focus on Europe. The EU was stable and the euro too, something you couldn´t say about the USA, the people are open for new things (I will explain later), no time differences – so easier to communicate and many direct cargo-flights from Capetown to different cities in Europe. As you can read it bit a pragmatic approach, but concerning me, it made sense. Ten years later I can say that the idea was the first good idea of my life and I have a healthy company and I can afford myself what I like and what I want (something I can´t say about the past). The new things of the Europeans are the following and new plans are coming up. First of all the like different food and ostrich steak is great food and getting more and more popular, there is even a restaurant in the Netherlands called “de Struisvogel”, which means the ostrich. The serve all kind of different meals from ostrich meat and the also make nice things with the eggs of ostriches. Ostrich steak is very nice and can compete with Angus beef. The price of ostrich beef is lower. The other interesting things of the Ostrich are the eggs. They are great to create real big omelets and taste nice too. It looks great when you make scrambled ostrich eggs and serve them in the shell of the egg. This shall can be used for many different creative ideas. As you could read before, serving scrambled ostrich eggs in the shell, but you can also serve for example soups in the ostrich shell. People like they eggs also as decoration, an ashtray is an example, or make a little whole in the egg and empty it. The egg can be painted in all kind of different colors and is a create decoration too. Or make the whole a bit bigger and create a lamp out of it. I know people how love to serve drinks in the eggs. And in the south of the Netherlands and the German regions were the party carnival, the make little hats from the eggs. And of course the feathers, they are with the same people very popular to create Brazil carnival dresses. The feathers are also used for, fake, fur coats and as shawls. The leader of an ostrich is very strong and is used to make leather clothes, wallets, bags, etc. As you see, ostriches are very popular and almost everything of the birds can be used. The market is still growing, so my export is growing, mainly to the EU. The only “problem” is the bookkeeping, the bureaucracy and the complications with the VAT. I addressed this issue to the head of my bookkeeping department and asked him to find an easier way to deal with these issues. He did a lot of, good, research and found an advising company to support, specialized in these issues. And, as you understand, I don´t like spending money (earning money is much nicer), they were not expensive. They came very fast with a create advise, I should setup a Fiscal Representation in one of the EU countries. To understand this better I typed in Google “Fiscal Representation” and I thought I understood the benefits. To be honest, I am good in ostriches and not in these issues, but it looked very reasonable. And while I am exporting more and more to the EU, I needed to do something about it. There was a new trend in some countries in the EU coming up around ostriches, using them alive. Not for the meat, feathers or the eggs, but as living animals. Some people want an ostrich instead of a dog or cat, of course they need a bit of a big garden, but no problem. There were some ostrich farms coming up. Here you could see how the live, you can make a ride on their bag, until 60 kg no problem, they showed you the live of ostriches and you could buy of course eggs, feathers, leather, etc. And the newest trend was ostrich races, like greyhound races. This was hot business, because the bet-industry was getting involved and more and more money was involved. But at once I had to export complete ostriches, alive, which means new complications. But for money you need to do something and solve complications and problems. The next stay I discussed the Fiscal Representation option with my head of bookkeeping, he was very well informed and prepared. We didn´t need that much time to decide to do so. I gave him the order to find out what the best, the easiest and the cheapest way was to setup such a Fiscal Representation. After some days of research he called me to finalize it. It wasn´t that expensive, which I liked of course, not so complicated and I didn´t have to travel for it to an EU country. This fully convinced me and the head of bookkeeping had the order now to arrange it. I had other things to do, we were asked to test the option for ostrich beauty contests, means that private people who have an ostrich go to an ostrich show and have a beauty contest, like dog- or cat shows. Why not, they need more ostriches for it and I get more money. The setup of the Fiscal Representation went smooth and when it was settled my export to the EU even smoother.

More information: RM Boulanger UK www.rmboulanger.co.uk