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Recreation / Food for your Liebherr wine cabinet

We are looking for a Liebherr wine cabinet and try to find out where we can order the wine cabinet with the best conditions and what the configuration will look like. We have an old villa in the country with a real old-fashioned wine cellar. The temperature is the whole year very stable and around 120C, so we don´t need a wine cabinet for storing wines. This means we are looking for one with multiple temperature zones to store the wines for drinking. Before even checking the internet for it, we had taken one decision, it must be a Liebherr wine cabinet. In the whole world you can´t find any vendor who can compete with Liebherr´s quality. With a nice glass St. Emillion Bordeaux wine in our hands, we checked the internet for Liebherr wine cabinet suppliers. High ranked in Google we found the website of Cavepromotor, the title and description were not pushy, to the point and clear, so we decided to check their website. They only offer Liebherr wine cabinets, Liebherr wine fridges and Liebherr wine coolers, this was already positive. Most of the suppliers we knew, were offering them from multiple vendors, which would only disturb us in taking the right decision. Even though money was no serious issue for us, we know people who have to fight for it, we liked their guarantee for the lowest price. Beside this they promise excellent services and some extra´s. All was looking very promising. And it was so clear and easy. We could skip the single temperature cabinets, they are used to simulate a wine cellar. Due to the fact that we have an excellent wine cellar, we don´t need this. We want a Liebherr wine cabinet to stores wines, ready to serve. So we choose the multiple temperature zone cabinets and found enough models to choose. We wanted to place the Liebherr wine cabinet in our large dining room, so we were looking for a freestanding model. While we have a huge wine cellar, we have a real collection of different wines. The collection contains very expensive bottles of red wine, above priced bottles of red wine, normal priced red wines and the same for white wines. Almost every range of them needs to be served (means for the wine cabinet stored) with different temperatures. The very expensive red wines and the expensive ones maybe at 170C the other red wines at 180C, the (very) expensive white wines at 120C and the average ones at 110C. This means only for the wines we need at least four temperature zones. Beside red and white wines we have a nice collection of rose wines, especially for spring and summer. These are not the cheap supermarket rose wines, but rather more expensive and excellent ones. We prefer to serve them on a temperature a bit above white wines, in this way they keep their character the best. We were advised to serve these rose wines on 130C. So the configuration of our Liebherr wine cabinet already needed at least five temperature zones. Last but not least we have, of course, a very nice collection of champagnes in our wine cellar. The best temperature to serve champagne is 80C, even though some people prefer it a very little bit warmer (which can be done by their hands). So temperature zone number 6 was a must. The positive side of this result was that Liebherr wine cabinets with six temperature zones exist. We decided to order at Cavepromotor the Liebherr wine cabinet model Wtb 4212 Vinothek, this would fit excellent into our dining room. Ordering, delivery and installing was done as promised. We, and our visitors, are very happy with the Liebher wine cabinet.

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